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I AM - Pinot Grigio Rose

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Alcohol content: Appellation: Acidity: Classification:
Pinot Grigio 12 %
Wine of Romania 5.3 g/l
| Viticulture and Vinification |
Harvesting time is determined through monitoring the ripeness of the grapes. After selection, the grapes are destalked, crushed, and the must including skins, is cooled. After maceration the crushed grape mass is softly pressed. One hundred percent Pinot Grigio grapes are pressed with just the right amount of contact with their skins to give it its delightful color and character. The grapes are then processed in the tried-and-true ways of the best white wines in controlled temperatures.
| Tasting Notes |
Short fermentation on the skins gives this modern-style Pinot Grigio a delicate pink-coppery colour, a crisp and intense aroma as well as a harmonious and fruity taste with notes of peach. A lovely pale color is the entree into a light, citrusy, floral aroma of almond, pear and green apple. It delights the palate with complex flavors.
| We recommend this wine with:|
Roasted broccoli.
| Serving Temperature: |