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Sole - Spumante Mignon

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Year: non-vintage
Variety: Chardonnay
Bottle Size: 200ml
Alcohol Content: 12%
Appellation: Charmat
Classification: Brut

Viticulture and Vinification
Early harvesting means are usually the finest grapes picked each year, this is to keep the acidity fresh and the palate weight light and zippy. Chardonnay is chosen for its suitability for sparkling wines, when harvested early, this is to achieve more delicate flavours than those usually associated with riper harvested chardonnay made for still wine. The wine undergoes a typical fermentation like the still wines but then is subjected to a second fermentation. The gas produced by this fermentation is not allowed to escape and becomes trapped in the wine to create the bubbles.

Tasting Notes
Straw yellow, with slow shades of green. Elegant and fine toast aromas, completed with shades of acacia flowers, slightly buttery, green apple. The acidity supports the entire body and keeps the aromatic intensity, the conclusion being given by a balanced and long aftertaste. Fine, elegant pearling with an average persistence.

We recommend this wine with:
Semi-hard and hard cheeses, external mold cheeses ( Brie, Camembert), Fois Gras, Cesar salad, coked in the oven with sauce and subs, dishes made of chicken, turkey, pork deep-sea fish (turbot) large crustaceans ( crayfish, Norway, lobster), Sushi, Asian cuisine, fish salads, grilled dishes with veal, turkey, duck, Tuna steak, fish tackle, desserts with vanilla, peach, mango, pineapple.

Serving temperature

5ºC - 7ºC